Category Archives: Salesforce : a true modern RAD : a true modern RAD. I am saying this because of reach development features of the platform. Just an example, i was able to create this simple CMS on including making this available over internate in just half … Continue reading

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A simple CMS built on developer org allows to create one public website and i created this one. I created this simple CMS in around one hour to publish blog post on my public website.

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Dirty Coding and Learning 1

I used standardController ‘Account’ & approx 15 VF components in this page such as: page, pageBlock, pageBlockSection, outputLabel, outputText, pageBlockTable + column, repeat + outputLabel, dataTable + column, outputLink, form, pageBlokSectionItem, outputPanel, inputCheckBox, inputTextArea, inputSecret I have also used: system … Continue reading

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Display Parent and Child navigational records in a nested DataTable

In this sample i have tried to see Parent and Child navigational capability of SOQL. Taking Contact as main entity i have navigated to Account (parent) and Cases (child). The SOQL query result is binded in a nested DataTable. Check … Continue reading

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Create public website using platform

The amazing Salesforce platform allows us to create public website even with developer edition of the platform. The website address will be either or This is my public website created using Developer Edition. The major limitation I found … Continue reading

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APEX – @isTest annotation

APEX test classes are marked with @isTest annotation and it has an added benefit – the class will not be counted against 3MB organization code size limit.

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Salesforce Dataloader

Salesforce dataloader is an easy to use graphical tool which installs on your local computer, connects to your Salesforce Instance and can populate your data (CSV, Excel, MS-Access) in Salesforce Instance and can also export your Salesforce data in these … Continue reading

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Informatica – Salesforce Data export/import to SQL Server

I have been looking for a way to synchronize Salesforce data to SQL Server and I find Informatica to be the thing I have been looking for. It installs on your Salesforce instance (native Salesforce App) and an connect to … Continue reading

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How to write SOQL queries in Salesforce

There are many ways to write and execute SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) in Salesforce such as Workbench. Just login using your Salesforce Credentials (you have access to Workbench) and start writing and executing SOQL queries. You may either use … Continue reading

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APEX and SQL Server (or any other external) database connection

As of now, APEX can not directly connect to external databases like SQL Server. As an alternate, you may use Web Service and host it on the server where the SQL Server is or on any other web server. APEX … Continue reading

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