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Test automation with Cucumber JVM, Selenium and Mocha

Cucumber: – A test framework which also supports BDD (Behavior Driven Development) – Here BA / QA can write test cases in plain text following some simple conventions – It generates .NET, Ruby, Java code stubs automatically – It’s Java … Continue reading

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Big Data : Hadoop : Some important facts and terms

Big data is characterised by 3Vs I.e. Volume, Velocity and Verity. Big data implementations are used to store read only / populate only data of high 3Vs. It is not replacement of Relational databases. Best use cases of utilisations of … Continue reading

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BIG DATA : HADOOP : I was able to setup hadoop – here are the steps

A few months before i was following and it took me around 2 weeks spending nights after office before it successfully worked. And i was lost what i did in what sequence. So this weekend i tried it once … Continue reading

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TFS: Delete workspace of another user from command line

One of my team member left the company and some of the project files were checked out by him. Other team members were not able to checkout those files to work on. TFS Administrator console also does not provide any … Continue reading

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Realistic Positive Thinking

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A simple CMS built on developer org allows to create one public website and i created this one. I created this simple CMS in around one hour to publish blog post on my public website.

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Dirty Coding and Learning 1

I used standardController ‘Account’ & approx 15 VF components in this page such as: page, pageBlock, pageBlockSection, outputLabel, outputText, pageBlockTable + column, repeat + outputLabel, dataTable + column, outputLink, form, pageBlokSectionItem, outputPanel, inputCheckBox, inputTextArea, inputSecret I have also used: system … Continue reading

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Display Parent and Child navigational records in a nested DataTable

In this sample i have tried to see Parent and Child navigational capability of SOQL. Taking Contact as main entity i have navigated to Account (parent) and Cases (child). The SOQL query result is binded in a nested DataTable. Check … Continue reading

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How to build your creative confidence

Often people assume that being creative and innovative is not their domain. Watch this short video by David Kelley and you will know that each one of us is creative and innovative.

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