Test automation with Cucumber JVM, Selenium and Mocha

- A test framework which also supports BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
- Here BA / QA can write test cases in plain text following some simple conventions
- It generates .NET, Ruby, Java code stubs automatically
- It’s Java implementation is called Cucumber JVM

Selenium IDE:
- It’s a Firefox extension which allows to Record, Edit and Debug Selenium test in browser.
- It exports Selenium remote control Java client code
- It has Client and Server libraries
- In Selenium Firefox browser extension you can: Start record > Act in browser > It generates test scripts > Export test case > Copy code and paste in code stubs generated by Cucumber

- It is a JavaScript unit test case framework
- Running on Node.js
- Used for UI testing, Filtering, Display of messages based on events and conditions

Watch this video to know more about these and see a real demo with use case:

An ideal sprint planning for QA could be:
- BA (Business Analyst) and TA (Technical Architect) gathers requirement from client
- TA and Dev design the solution – mock-ups / flow diagrams
- BA and Dev write scenarios and pass it to QA
- QA write test cases and confirm to BA and Dev

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