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How to build your creative confidence

Often people assume that being creative and innovative is not their domain. Watch this short video by David Kelley and you will know that each one of us is creative and innovative.

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Create public website using platform

The amazing Salesforce platform allows us to create public website even with developer edition of the platform. The website address will be either or This is my public website created using Developer Edition. The major limitation I found … Continue reading

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APEX – @isTest annotation

APEX test classes are marked with @isTest annotation and it has an added benefit – the class will not be counted against 3MB organization code size limit.

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How to Think Like a Developer

Critical thinking is a core characteristic which most of the good developer has in common. And best part is that it is a skill which can be learned and mastered through continuous practice. In this article is Derk Chen (Product … Continue reading

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3 Questions to be asked while understanding Business Requirements from Client

Here is 3 very simple yet very effective questions which can be asked from Client while understanding Business Requirements for building IT solutions: What is your Vision & Goal? What are your pain points? Who all are the key players/ … Continue reading

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Developing Mobile Apps: Native, HTML5 or Hybrid: Understanding Development Options

A nice article answering your Questions here.

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Salesforce Dataloader

Salesforce dataloader is an easy to use graphical tool which installs on your local computer, connects to your Salesforce Instance and can populate your data (CSV, Excel, MS-Access) in Salesforce Instance and can also export your Salesforce data in these … Continue reading

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